The week started off with a spontaneous gingerbread house adventure. Despite the fact that after we finished making them Tate actually remembered that he doesn’t like Spongebob because the last time he watched it was when he was sick, it was still a lot of fun 🙂 The week continued to be a great one with lots of laughs, play time, and a continual countdown to Christmas!



Can’t leave for school until the next ornament is hung! Lu finally let me put her hair in a ponytail, but when we got to school she started “to feel shy” so we took it out. So close!


Tate started a tournament where his stuffies have a daily battle…


….and Speedy always comes out on top


What a good way to end the week. Hot chocolate and a playdate with Hugo


“This shouldn’t even count as sugar since the money goes to a good cause”- Tate


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