Two weeks worth of fun

These past two weeks have been full of lots of laughs. Now that Tate doesn’t have vision therapy anymore, we have had more free time for fun…which no one is complaining about.

Tate and Lu have so kindly taught me a new game called “Can’t get past me”. All they do is guard the doorway and I try to get past them, but let me tell you, it has provided several hours of entertainment.


Something else they have started in these past two weeks is insisting on using an umbrella when it’s sunny out, but refusing to use one when it is actually raining. Lu makes up for not using an umbrella in the rain by wearing two rain jackets 🙂


Tate even did his reading outside…in the sun…under his umbrella…

1466198_926101727419363_6331618360744234580_n 1907881_926101704086032_6263990013890114620_n 1380437_926101454086057_4443817030453162726_n

On Monday we got to go to Wallingford park, which we haven’t been able to do in a while. Tate didn’t sit still for one second. He instantly started running around trying to find the perfect stick to use as a Harry Potter wand. Lu and I spent most of the time collecting leaves so she could build her own tree at home…so creative.

10689906_926101574086045_5123181809045011902_n 10628274_926101467419389_8615774351693627327_n 1461010_926101494086053_8395667085162289571_n 8962_926101514086051_7164742953176326576_n


Lu’s very own tree. All that hard work of leaf collecting paid off

And Lu did so great at her new ballet class! she jumped right in without any hesitation, but she told me afterward that she was actually really nervous. I was so impressed with her bravery, which I told her and then she proceeded to sing the “Brave” song from school for the rest of the day 🙂


all smiles after class from this brave girl

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