Things are officially starting to get busy again, what with school, vision therapy, martial arts twice a week (more chances to earn stripes=excited kiddos), and soccer practice! But Tate and Lu always know how make our simple little routine an adventure, whether it is by cracking ridiculous joke after ridiculous joke or letting their imagination run wild and suddenly the car has turned into a space ship. Always a hoot.

Tate and Lulu were thrilled that they got the walk to school with Parker this week. What a great way to start the day (other than Monday’s melt down, of course. We left lots of time to play to avoid that again). But to make up for Monday’s rough start, we took a trip to Ravenna park before vision therapy. They turn into quite the little explorers there πŸ™‚ And Dr. Miley was so impressed with the progress Tate has made with his hts that we decided we needed to take a celebratory pit stop at the troll on the way home.


making wishes at the park. Lu was sure to pick some for me and tate, too πŸ™‚


They’ve turned this tree into their “house”. Each branch is a different room

10665276_901215826574620_4115801554594631708_n 10641049_901215786574624_5231318472664327451_n

Lu is obsessed with the wheel at Queen Anne Elementary. On Thursday, when Tate was at his doctors appointment, I told her she got to decide what we would do that day…should have seen it coming when the only thing was wanted to do was go play on the wheel10482189_901215683241301_6891835071716905172_n


three pees in a pod


Tate has been reading Harry Potter on his own! And Lu has been volunteering to hold the pages down

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