Tuesday morning went smoothly. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. The kids got up and dressed on their own and before I knew it we were out the door on our way to school with out any hassle. After school the kids had martial arts. At one point the instructor had them doing jumping jacks , lunges, push ups, ect. so the kids were telling me how exhausted they were after practice. I knew they were really tired when we got home and they both went to their own room to have some alone time. Because they were so tired, putting them to bed was a breeze! But when it was time to read, they insisted on reading to me for a bit…that consisted of Tate reading and Lulu making up stories. It was so cute to see them work together like that 🙂

Wednesday Lulu had early dismissal. Sadly, the weather was awful so we came home and hung out for a bit until Tate got out of school (Tate also had early dismissal so we didn’t have to wait long). Once Tate was out, we met Parker, Bailey, and Katie and Playdate SEA. I had never been there so Tate was excited to show me how he could climb to the very top. The kids played for 2 hours before slowly but surely they started to melt. But the fun didn’t end at Playdate because the kids got a big kick out of the trails and little waterfall in front of REI.

Thursday Lulu didn’t have school and Parker came over for a few hours in the morning. Our big activity was making banana bread. Lulu and Parker did an excellent job taking turns pouring in the ingredients and mixing the batter. After the bread was done they played legos together. Since their behavior was so wonderful, Katie and I decided to take the kids out to lunch once she and Bailey got back from school. We all went to homegrown.
After lunch, Lulu and I decided to have a little birthday celebration since I wasn’t going to see her on her actual birthday. We went to cupcake royal and then went home because I told her I would paint her nails. She informed me her new favorite color is blue because of Frozen, so of course she got blue birthday nails.

After Tate got out of school, we went to martial arts. The class was very full so it was a tad hectic, but Tate seems to be making friends. The minute we walked in he ran up to a group of boys who were playing tag before class and jumped right in. Lulu shortly followed 🙂 After martial arts, Lulu had tee ball. We were 20 minutes late, but Lulu had the best hit of the night! She told me that “everyone was really impressed by my skills”

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