Another great morning! Kids and I wanted to get all the work needed done early. So, we could enjoy the entire afternoon at the zoo. After breakfast we get right to it.

Tate practices filing in words with b and d’s. Following b and d on a line, circling and underlining-a lot of focusing needed. Then on some vowel review and words with want. He also practiced writing the abbreviations of the months and filling in his personal information-like initials, name, city he lives in, best friends name, and his birth month. His writing has improved tremendously and he worked on a few silent e’s. He read his 20 minutes and was able to relax before heading to swim lessons. 

Lulu has been tracing letter and using a gel pen to practice going over them. She also worked on some letter recognition and shapes. She did some printing on her white board. She is so cute because she loves to write her name over and over. 

We leave for swimming lessons and the time seems to fly. After swimming we make a quick stop to pick up a few items needed and then we go home to enjoy lunch. 

We pack water and snacks for the zoo. At the zoo we start with face painting. Tate is a green monster and Lulu a pink and purple animal. No real names for them. Then we head straight to the jaguar section. They have three small jaguars and they enjoy seeing them being cleaned by mom. Then we walk towards the snow leopards. On the way we stop and play at a small zip line. Then we see the meerkats and the falcons. Tate really wants to see them fly but the show was at an earlier time. He does get to see them while one female falcon was being held by a park volunteer. I was able to snap a picture of them in the same shot. We see a kangaroo and then some wallaby and emu. Then we headed to see the wolves but no luck. We saw some elk instead. 

We make it around to the carousel area and park area. Then they have a snack and we meet Parker and Bailey. They enjoy looking and playing in the penguin area and then we take them to see the jaguars. We go into the bird conservatory, then we see the habitat area of reptiles. They enjoy some more animals and then we head for a snack and water break with Parker and Bailey. Then they play for about 20 minutes at the zoomazium. Also, they get to enjoy a puppet show.  We head towards the south of the park to see more animals. They get to play in the rock section and then we head to the zebra area. The kids get to enjoy playing teacher. Katy and I were asked to be the students while the kids taught us about Africa. They all looked so adorable taking turns being teachers. We get to see the hippos, the giraffes, the lions and elephants. Then we walk more and head to the carousel. The kids loved ridding up and down. They play ninja for only a few minutes and then we head our separate ways. They hug and kiss each other goodbye. 

We head to have dinner but they are closed. So, we enjoy some dinner at Taco Time. They gobble it up. Then home. Mom loves their face paint and hears all about the day. Then they get some time with mom and dad. 

I can’t believe we only have one more day together. I am so grateful that they have been part of my life this summer.

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