Tate is up first today. He is super super excited because he was able to build the Ninjago set he bought yesterday. It’s some sort of drill. It drills into the middle of the Earth and is used by the Black ninja for those that don’t quite know the Ninjago series (just like me). 

After our morning routine and breakfast we get a little study time done before heading out to bike camp. Henry and Gemma arrive and they boys talk about more Ninjago in the car. Lulu has a play date with Gemma at The Wallingford Park. 

We meet at swim lessons and both girls do very well. Lulu and I head to Barnes and Noble and read more books. We pick Tate up and he seems to have had a lot of fun again. One more day.

We head to Kendra’s and then we go to the McDonalds play house. Tate is a little sad the slides are not as long as the swimming slides in Suncadia. But I tell him that it’s for safety reasons. Little kids are able to ride these and they don’t want them to be hurt. 

The kids ask to go to Yogurt Land for some frozen yogurt. Great idea to finish a fun week and hot week! They enjoy some yogurt and then we head home. Tate read his 20 minutes early in the day and they have baths and dinner. 

I can’t believe that next week will be our last! Will miss these monkeys so much!!

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