Tate was up and chatting with dad this morning. Lulu slept in this morning. After getting the kids ready. They came down and enjoyed some oatmeal with dad! A request for more raspberries was made. Some strawberries, blueberries and milk were also eaten. Dad had a conversation with the kids about their save/spend monies and they chose to spend instead of waiting for the weekend. 

We were able to do a little study time. Letter recognition for Lulu and Tate had to focus and circle b’s and underline d’s in a row of mixed b/d’s. He did great! 
The kids hopped in the car and they talked about dreams, their favorite Ninjagoes, and animals (lulu). At drop off the kids got knee pads on quickly and were ready to join the groups. 
Lu and I head back to swim lessons. We watch Gemma swim in the trout level. She’s doing do well. Lulu is going to swim super fast to try to be in Tate’s group next week. 
Lulu and I headed to Subway after her swim lesson. She was hungry after the swim and then to old McDonald like she calls it to play in the slides. She had fun climbing and sliding down the three slides. She wanted to stay longer but I told get I would bring her back tomorrow. She smiled and was ok. 
We leave and pick the kids up! Boys still are full of energy! We get ready to leave and Nicole drives up. She forgot the schedule but everything worked out fine. 
A stop at Fred Myers for some toys! Tate l knows exactly what he wants. Lulu looks for a while before deciding on a glow in the dark wand. Tate gets the black Ninja Ninjago set. They look around some more and get ideas for what they will save for next. 
At home the kids have some down time. They play in their rooms and Tate looks at his Ninjago book. Then they take baths and eat dinner. Chicken fajitas with bean! They like it! Tate said he wants to eat it everyday. I tell them maybe every other week. 🙂 
Then we work on some more study time. Writing for Tate and number recognition for Lulu. Also, some fewer and more word recognition for her. 
Tate read with me his 20 minutes and is improving. Lets just keep an eye on him fully pronouncing the vowels in words 🙂 
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