Loosing his second tooth!!

As Tate’s lunch is being packed Lulu comes down with mom. She has been ready to get the day started. I ask her to get her clothes on and brush her teeth and hair. She plays a little while we wait for Tate to wake up. I finally get him up and ready. They enjoy yogurt with granola. One of Tate’s favorites. Lulu seems to enjoy it as well. She does not like the green seeds but eats around them. 🙂

We get about 10 minutes of study time. He works on letter writing and Lulu on some numbers. 

Dashing to get Henry. Lulu stays with Gemma and I take the boys to camp. It’s a long drive and the kids tell each other funny jokes. Also, talk about snakes and dreams they’ve had. Also, we discuss detours and what they did in camp on Monday. They were in different groups. So, one had harder trails and the other more smooth paths and trails. Tate is going to challenge himself and try to be the second fastest in his group today. 

Lulu is waiting to show me her new tattoo of a rainbow. She likes it so much she keeps covering my eyes and placing her hand with the tattoo right in front for me to see. We play a little before her lesson. 

We drive to Pikes Market to have lunch and walk the market. She is happy to get a scone and some hot chocolate too. 

At bike camp the kids are ready to go. Tate officially looses his second tooth. He is so excited!! Load the bikes and get everyone buckled. We head to Kendra’s house. Tate has much more energy than yesterday. We chat about his challenge but he did not complete it. They did not break the groups today and he seems to think he was at the end. Tomorrow he will try again. We of course talk more of his missing tooth. I just missed it. He lost it about 10 minutes before I got there to pick him up. We also discuss the play date we have scheduled for later today. 

At Kendra he shows Lulu how to work the vibrating board. It’s supposed to relax your body before and after lessons. She sends us home with more b/d’s work and some new reading resources. Lulu and I worked on her number recognition, tracing them, and locating groups with specific numbers. She did real well. 

A quick stop for product at PC and then to Ross Park. We wait for Linus and Atticus to show but no luck. They swing and play in all the equipment. Lulu dribbles a basketball that was left at the park for a while. She has good coordination. Tate wants me to do many underdogs while he swung. The kids relax in the shade and Tate tries to persuade me to buy them soda. No way Jose! He knows it’s not good for him. 

Baths and dinner. Pasta, fruit, milk, and mochi. Tate reads his 20 minutes while Lulu and I listen. Then we work on just a few printing letters for him and more number recognition for her. Mom arrives and Tate’s so happy to show her his missing tooth.

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