Bike Camp

Monday morning -pick up the kids at Suncadia. I meet Karens’s parents Wally and Kay. Very lovely people. Kids were not quite ready but they and I chatted and packed some snacks for the road.  While we did that dad got them ready. Tate comes down to show grandma the costumes he wants done for his birthday party . Grandma shares a few ideas for them too. We get in the car and talk about the weekend. They tell me about the bear incdent with uncle Justin and how the weekend went with lots of family. Eating banana bread and some disagrements with Parker. Dad let them watch a show on the ipad and they have a snack. 

We arrive a few minutes late but Nicole is ready to pick Tate up to take them to Mountain Bike camp. Lulu plays with Gemma. She shows her her room and she shares her legos and toys with her. They enjoy some snacks and then play more with stuffed animals. 

I take the girls to swimming lessons and get them ready. Lulu has a boy instructor named Conner. She is shy at first but then seems not to have any trouble with him. She is a little fish in the water. She gets a quick rinse and then to pick some groceries for home. We arrive home and I make her quesadillas and packed some fruit. She eats lunch in the car as we drive to pick Tate up. 

Tate looks exhausted! He did have a lot of fun. He was the third fastest in his group according to him and was excited to be in camp. At OT he works activities with less physical movement and more hand eye coordination. Marissa is able to see he’s very tired. He enjoys a few minutes of play time after his lesson. Lulu does not want to go to the park, so we stay in the office and she builds homes with lego. Also, she gets books read to her. 

We leave and head straight home. It’s later in the day and the kids are very tired. Quick baths and dinner. They ask for pizza. Fruits, milk, and mochi for dessert.

Kids them have very little time for study time. They do only a few things like silent e and reading 20 minutes for Tate. Cursive tracing for Lulu. Then they enjoy time with the parents.

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