A Surprise

Up early and with tons of energy. It was play time before starting our morning routine. They enjoyed breakfast and were able to do a little study time before going to OT. Tate is able to read his 20 minutes on a short book from Kendra. She is able to read it before the 20 minutes were up. So proud of him! Lulu works on identifying more shapes. 

We go to OT and Lulu and I head to a park nearby. She likes slidding down a tall pole and swimnging really really high. We chased each other and finally enjoy racing to the car. 

After picking Tate up we head to Moss Bay and enjoy lunch. The kids get to eat with the other campers. I get him checked in and Lulu and I wait in the dock for Tate to come our way to take pictures. We’re getting to the last groups and we don’t see him. Then it hits me that he might be on the other side on the paddle boards. We dash over and get to see him leave with his friend on the last paddle board. He was simply adorable. 

Lulu and I head home and work on more cursive and shapes. She has some play time in her room with Pink Bear and Wanda. We then read many library books before returning them to the library. We also find a missing book that we had checked out a few weeks ago. 

We pick Tate up and he shares with us that he had fallen off the paddle board but he was fine. He had his life jacket on. He just got very wet of course. He was cute telling us this story!

A quick snack, half a sandwich, yogurt, pears, carrots and a z bar. Then he starts his session with Kendra. Lulu and I head to the park. She meets two little boys that play with her and they slide and swing. They climb and spin. We dash to Starbucks to use the restroom and then we get Tate. 

Traffic was bad a this time in the day but we finally get home. Where a big surprise was waiting for them. Aunt Katy! They have a whole weekend planned and they have really big smiles.

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