Kids woke up and Tate had decided not

Kids woke up and Tate had decided not to attend camp today. So, they ate breakfast a little later today than normal. The kids enjoyed playing around the house, having parties in their rooms for the stuffed animals, and building space crafts using Lego’s.

We enjoyed some granola with yogurt and milk and a piece of toast with jelly with fruit. Kids have done a great job with their morning chores.

We did a lot of work during study time. Tate worked on reading passages and fluency from Kendra’s folder. Our goal is to finish his first writing without tears practice book this week. We also focused our reading on words with silent e’s. We practice beginning sounds and worked a bit on the vowel section of words.

Lulu practiced cursive on her white board, shapes, numbers, and I want to start having her write the cursive letters on paper to start tracking her progress.

Lunch came around and they enjoyed peanut butter and honey sandwiches, fruit, and milk. I tell you, these kids could eat a sandwich everyday if you let them. Pasta for dinner.

We left to Kendra’s where she worked on his silent e’s with him. Gave him some strategies for keeping track of words when reading. Using a word marker and a highlighter to identify words in a sentence with silent e. He enjoyed sitting on the ball but had trouble focusing and staying concentrated on being balanced and working. She gave us some more vowel dice games, and silent e work. We need to make sure when he’s reading to help him use his hands for cues to make the b and d when coming to a word with one of those consonants. So, he can read the word correctly and quickly.

We headed to Barnes and Noble to purchase some beginner chapter books. We couldn’t find too many so we bought two Mercy Watson books. One where she solves crimes. That caught his attention. Our goal is to have him read to an adult 20 minutes a day. This not only will it increase his fluency but also his vocabulary. Along with his comprehension.

Our next stop was Pacific Crest for the weekly produce pick up and then to Ross Park. Tate was hopeful he would see some old friends there from his old school. Not today. Maybe next Tuesday. They still  enjoyed playing by a cut down tree and they swung in the swings real high.

At home they took baths and had some quesadillas. They didn’t want to have pasta. Maybe I can try tomorrow for lunch.

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