Another great morning!

Ready again by the time she came out was Lulu. So proud she is doing so well every morning this busy week. Tate got going and hurried to eat breakfast with dad before he headed out to work. They enjoyed some oatmeal with fruit. 

We finished getting ready and headed to pick Parker up. We are carpooling to space camp the next few days. Tate was so excited to have Parker come with us this morning. They chatted for a bIt in the car and then Tate asked Parker if he wanted to learn Spanish? He said yes. Then Tate asked to play the Spanish cd. Adorable time hearing them repeat Spanish words. Also, Tate telling Parker leche de chocolate means chocolate milk 🙂 They practiced saying me llamo Parker/Tate. Or como pan, como queso, como jamon, which means I eat bread, cheese, ham. Then they talked about a toy they both know off but I have no idea about what toy it was. 

Drop off was quick as Tara the instructor knows them by now. They were super cute with their rain jackets on and their backpacks. Ready for a mission! 

Lulu stayed with Bailey as I drove to leave the boys. When I went to get her she was building pizzas out of dough. She made one for special for me. Yummy! We stayed and had a little play date until it was time to leave for swimming. 

At her lessons she wore a new baithing suit. The last one had a rip right down the middle of her rump. She liked this one and did not fuzz too much when I asked her to put it on.  Swimming went well. She is practicing more rocket laps. She is adorable jumping into the water. 

Left to pick Tate up and headed home for some lunch and some play. At OT he had Sochi fill in for the next two days. He is responding to her very well. 

Headed to Wallingford Park to play and get some excersice. Kids climbed, chased and we even had some racing competitions. Both were winners! 

At home we had some study time and worked on cursive with Lulu. Tate and I worked on beggining, middle, end sounds and spelling for Kendra. Still need to work a little more on b and d positions. Both did well and earned stickers. Yey!

Baths and dinner. Had some yogurt marinated chicken with rice. Some carrots and tomatoes. Strawberries and peaches.

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