Terrific Tuesday

Another great morning for Lulu. Dressed by the time she came out of the room. Impressive two days in a row. She was ready and eating breakfast in no time. Tate needed a little motivation to get going. Camp did that and more. After finishing his routine he joined Lulu at the table. Yogurt, pumpkin granola, and juice for this morning. He even had seconds. That’s his favorite breakfast according to him but with regular granola (sometimes). 

Kids were super happy to see dad and asked for many hugs, dad always gives them as many as he can before leaving. 

At camp they got to see Bailey and Parker for a few minutes before going in. They love to chase each other. Katy and I took the kids to the REI tree house before Lulu had her swimming lessons. They enjoyed climbing and playing inside the boat that’s there. Lulu wanted Bailey to come with us as we had to go swimming but Bailey wanted to keep playing. 

She is practicing her rocket strokes but still does not like to completely submerge her head in the water. She will do a few strokes and then stop. She is able to swim longer with some assistance. She is also practicing her backstrokes. 

Picked Tate up at Space Camp. Parker and him were rough housing and now they need to sit apart. Hopefully, just for a day. Tate dropped one of his snacks and kids stepped on it as he tried to pick them up. He was a little bummed but I told him that I would pack him different snacks tomorrow and that accidents happen.He liked that idea. 

Had some lunch and took dropped him off at Kendra’s. Mom picked him up and joined us at the park. Lulu swung on the swing. Those swings are long. She went higher that I was tall. Also, she enjoyed going on the zip line a few times. She joined Olivia and the rest of the play date group and played in the park. 

Kids stayed with mom and got very muddy. It looked like they had a super incredible time and found a new adventure. Straight to the shower/bath when they go home. 

They enjoyed a few minutes to play and then we started study time. He stayed focused for more than an hour. Lulu worked on shapes, cursive, and number printing. Tate and I worked on his tutors homework that included vowel recognition, consonants, blends, reading words, and writing them out. We practiced where to start and end letters, beggining sounds, middle sound (vowels) and ending sounds. He did a fabulous job writing several words from memory and spelling them correctly. I am super proud of him for working so hard. He earned six stickers for his incentive chart. Lulu earned four. They have about 20 each. They need 10 -11 more stickers to earn thier rewards. Tate feels like this is possible this week. I agree. 

 They both enjoyed some time with mom before dinner.

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