What a fun day we had. Lulu and I played with Charlie and Daniella at Greenlake Park and I have never seen her so interactive. Her and Charlie immediately ran off racing and playing. While I was pushing them on the swings, they chatted about the Lion King with each other and all the different songs. We shared hot chocolate which was a huge hit.

After school, Tate, Lulu and I went down to South Lake Union Park to walk around the boats. I thought Tate would enjoy this and he did. The kiddos had amazing spirits and it was so relaxing and fun.

spotting a seaplane take off

spotting a seaplane take off

photo-247 photo-249 photo-250 photo-251 photo-253

Dinner was a hit. Tate wanted more after they were all gone.. Next time I will double it. It was paired with a GREEN smoothie 🙂


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