lulu and i are working on our manners and when she does not get what she wants, to calmly ask politely and accept the outcome. this has happened several times in a store, where she does receive a baked good or toy she REALLY wants and has a fit because. i have been lowering to her level, asking her softly to ask politely without whining. even with politeness, i do not give her what she originally demanded but it does calm her spirit down and i will often give her options as that point. that way, she feels she has some control and knows that throwing a tantrum is not acceptable.

tate and i working on listening ears and responding immediately. he gets distracted easily and i know often it is not intentional. he has such a kind heart and wants to do the right thing. he often does not realize when he hurts someone’s feelings so instilling what is okay to say and do it important. he has been looking out for lulu more lately in their play at parks.

tate has decided that building is better with wood and nails… yikes. he is riding his bike and is so proud!! lulu is now wearing buttons when we “hide” them. thank you karen!

how we started the day.

how we started the day.

he is riding his bike!

he is riding his bike!

play date with ashley

picnic dinner.

leaving a flower for the squirrel.

getting some solid reading in.

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