yesterday’s weather was definitely bipolar. from sunshine to a little rain to sudden SNOW! the kids were so excited staring out the window at the falling flakes. the power went out at the lonergan house and lulu made sure to check every light switch to see if the lights worked. it was too cute to watch her run furiously around the house to every room. it was dark for awhile because of the snow, clouds and no electricity. i thought it would be a good afternoon for the kids to watch their library movie. ironic that about twenty minutes into the film, the lights came on and sun started shining.

we remained snuggled on the couch and tate became very affectionate resting his legs and head on me. i absolutely loved it.

we are still doing the choice mentality to making decisions. today at lunch, lulu had one timeout and then obeyed as i continued to ask what she would like to eat off her plate.

i asked tate this morning if he would like to put his shoes or coat on first. he responded with, “lulu, should we put our coats on first?” too cute…

lulu and i went to little gym this morning for an introductory class. she LOVED jumping on the spring boards, walking the balance beam and swinging form the bars. she didn’t enjoy any group activities, but a majority of the time is structured for the kids to explore. she was excited about bubbles and a heart stamp at the end. i asked her if she liked the little gym and she responded with “yes, i want to go again.”

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