a few chilly days.

last thursday, the kids and i decided it was time to add to the car family. we made cars for lulu and parker, and tate decided he would like to have a smaller one as well. they were psyched to show parker his. they worked so well together. tate asked lulu everytime he wanted to “help” her and lulu responded in kindness. i believe she knows that tate is helpful in art projects and wants his creativity in her creations as well.

monday was a fun day. i decided to get the kiddos a treat just for kicks. tate’s tball practice was cancelled and i knew he would be a little bummed so i snagged them a pair of socks each. spiderman for tate and dora the explorer for lulu. we went to library and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the kitchen reading superhero stories. i can sense tate’s acceptance of my being his nanny as time is going by. as i continue to take true interest and care in his activities and passions, our bond deepens and his touch more affectionate.

i have still been reading “love and logic” and just in these past few days i have noticed a big change.

the idea of giving 2 options for the kids to choose.

example: “tate, would you like to get your shoes on first or your coat?”

instead of: “tate, time to get your coat and shoes on.”

this provides the idea that he has empowerment in his decisions. it has been really great with lulu as well. except for this afternoon when a cycle of stubbornness sunk in. we had a long time out today unfortunately but was resolved when she made the choice that she was ready to put on her pajamas.if they choose neither, a time out is instilled without question. once they decide between the original two options, their timeout it over. thoughts?

earlier today, we went to u-village for a kid’s activity held every tuesday. lulu got to paint, get a braid and SPARKLES in her hair. she is determined to keep her braid in so, “mommy and daddy can see.”

and yes.. she insisted on wearing her sunglasses in the rain and in the store.

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