more scooters and cookies.

tate is so proud of his new sunglasses that match his underwear. i love that he insists on wearing them on the way to school, on the drive home, on the walk to the library, while we scooter….

scootering with parker was a blast! they went up gasworks hill and down.. all over again 🙂

lulu has turned a bit defiant yesterday and today. i am seeking to understand if there is a rhyme or reason and working on how to change her mentality of stubbornness. is this possible? um, perhaps not but we will try!

she was very shy at soccer today but tried some of the games. i want her to know she is safe with me and i am there with her (which is occurring) but also start some steps of independence without feeling any sense of abandonment.

we are decorating valentine’s day cookies this evening.. wish us luck with lots of sprinkles!

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