A few weeks of playdates, sick days, and silly times.


Lulu is loving her new ipod…I occassionally get a FaceTime request while she is getting ready in the morning


I LOVE seeing Tate take initiative on his chores without any prompting from me 🙂


sick days (and basically all days) require many games on “Life”


puppy dogs to keep a sick gal company


cousin love 🙂


“I made a model of my dream house. There is a pool on the roof, so I am actually happy it’s raining because the pool now has real water in it!”


sunglasses that double as reading glasses? “My eyes are a little tired today so they need a little help while I am reading”


I asked Lulu to bring a few things to play with at Tate’s basketball practice…”I am very prepared”




“I really miss mommy, but this helps a little”


A late Christmas celebration with friends


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All things Christmas have come and gone. Our days were filled with Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, and trying to complete whatever the elf suggested. One of the best quotes of this season came from Tate this year. After the Christmas pageant, I asked him if he enjoyed it and e responded “it was ok….Oh wait! Actually it was so good! Baby Jesus was hilarious and you typically don’t think of Jesus as being someone who does comedy, but what do you know!” We all learned something I suppose 🙂

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A week of silliness and Christmas festivities is a week well spent. The elf on the shelf has been a huge source of entertainment, inspiring many Christmas crafts and activities. Tate even suggested that we go caroling sometime on the way to school 🙂 “After all, Buddy from ‘Elf’ says the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”…we will see if he is still up for it when the time comes


warming up for Christmas cookie season with some classic chocolate chip cookies




Some how this lead…


…to this. A “who can wear the most hats comeptition”. leave it to Tate to invent a new game





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Highlights from the week:

  1. Spending all of Wednesday outside playing. The only times we were inside was when we were at the dentist or making dinner
  2. Tate and Lulu making dinner- Lulu has decided cooking is one of her passions
  3. Watching Tate’s reaction when he realized he got to stay for his whole coding class- so much excitement 🙂
  4. Lulu’s loose tooth- the anticipation on when the puppy was going to fall out was killer

all set for a fun day at the park! Lulu packed the bag all by herself with snacks and waters for us


if you look closely, you’ll see Lulu was rocking the static hair at Top Pot after the dentist

5.3 5.5


not a fan of the raw meat


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Halloween and birthday activities over took the past few weeks, keeping us busy, entertained, and well fed with all the goodies lying around


of course Tate chose to carve a creeper…

4.12 4.13 4.14

4.9 - Copy

“Tate, smile! You are 9!” “9 year olds don’t like to get their picture taken”-Tate

4.3 - Copy

Tate was glued to his new speakers. They provided an immense amount of entertainment…

4.8 - Copy

…and a whole lot of dance parties 🙂

4.5 - Copy

Getting packages in the mail was thrilling for everyone


And of course all the new minecraft gear was a HUGE hit

4.6 - Copy

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Nothing new has been happening these past few weeks, but we have been working hard to soak up the last bits of sun whenever possible! Whether it was a brief trip to QAE to play on the wheel or a park trip with the cousins, you could find us outside somewhere.


3.1 Tate has been mainly football or coding obsessed, Lulu’s dog obsession has still been growing. She has taken to counting how many dogs she sees in one day…and yes, her stuffed animals count 🙂


3.6 3.7

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Another week come and gone, but this time with even more activities! We are still working on the best way to get Tate from afterschool coding to football….he was mortified when I told him he would need to change in the school bathrooms. Poor guy! Lulu on the other hand could not be more thrilled that dance has started back up, and his time two days in a row…lucky, lucky girl!


After a long week of added activities, the only logical thing to do was celebrate with some homemade pizza 🙂

2.2 2.1 2.4 2

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